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Clive Kemp QFSM

Clive Kemp

Our Director

Clive has a total of 33 years local authority fire service experience including six as a Chief Fire Officer and three as a Corporate Director of Somerset County Council (also responsible for civil emergency planning)

Following teacher training completed in the 1977, Clive entered the fire service where he completed a 30 year career in 2008. For three years, he was a Corporate Director of Somerset County Council with additional responsibilities, for example, civil emergency planning. In the last three years of his service and in the subsequent three, he has been at the Regional Project Director for the south west on the Fire Control project until the project was abandoned by the government due to the poor performance of the contractor. Clive was the representative of the UK fire and rescue services on all matters associated with nuclear power in both the civil and military sectors.

Business change has been a major feature in Clive’s career. As well as the obvious collaborative venture of the combination of the Somerset and Devon Fire and Rescue Services, Clive reshaped the Emergency Planning function in Somerset County council in 2000.

During this period of change, many FRS participated in voluntary peer reviews immediately prior to inspection by the Audit Commission. As well as putting his own FRS through such a review, Clive has experience in leading multi disciplinary teams for the IDEA, carrying out voluntary reviews of fire and rescue services.

Since formal retirement from the service Clive has continued to serve as SRO and SW Regional Project Director on the controversial Regional Control Centre Project. He has set up his own Interim Management company and recently completed a complex collaborative piece of work for the SW FRS. He also carries out some voluntary work for the Citizens Advice Bureaux.
Clive considers his major achievement as managing the highly complex and fast moving change programme in the fire service during the last decade. He is particularly proud of securing the long term future of the Somerset FRS through the combination with Devon.

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